Raz,      Mar 28 2019 12:52PM

Marketing Intuition In a World of Big Data

Marketing Intuition In a World of Big Data
The sheer volume and accessibility of marketing data means that today’s marketers can make much more informed decisions (based on web-based analytics such as consumer behavior). This post is about how marketers can strike a better balance between intuition and intel.

  • Machines are our friends. With cutting-edge technologies such as pattern recognition, advanced automation, and open-source platforms for distributed computing and big number crunching – incorporating technology into your marketing model can help generate tremendous ROI for your organization.
  • The Steve Jobs bot doesn’t exist yet. While there are some really awesome advancements going down in AI, don’t expect to replace your CMO with a robot anytime soon. At its core marketing is about creative thinking — and this is something that humans are awesome at!
  • Data visualization rocks. These aren’t your grandma’s pie charts people. Data visualization is a powerful technique for marketers to communicate trends with their organization. Using data visualization you can get a quick big picture view of tons of data, without having to be overly bogged down. This can really help your organization make strategic decisions swiftly and effectively.
  • Analytics make for smarter decisions. Even the greatest marketers have let their intuition misguide them. With detailed analytics over time (such as search history, or geo-demographic information) marketers can apply their insights and creative strategies more effectively.
  • The age of Big Data is a very exciting time for marketers. At the same time, technological advancements don’t change the need for creative thinking in marketing. Here’s the rub: Marketers still have to be creative (perhaps now more than ever), but there are tools out there to increase the ROI of marketing campaigns by using real data to gain crucial insights and shape marketing strategy.