Raz,      Mar 28 2019 12:54PM

2017 Marketing Technology Trends by SAMAI

2017 Marketing Technology Trends by SAM.AI

2017 is going to be a really exciting year for marketers. With the combination of advanced technologies (such as wearables, big data analytics, and marketing automation), evolving marketing tactics, UI/UX consumer design, and increasingly creative approaches to branding-- expect 2017 to be the year of marketing innovation.
We’ve put together a list of marketing trends to look forward to in 2017, including general trends and social media/search marketing trends.


  • Marketing Automation: As Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) begin to spend more on IT infrastructure than Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), it’s plain to see that marketing and tech have become tightly married. Marketing automation is going to be huge in 2017 - with a focus on CRM, behavioral email marketing, and content personalization.
  • Big Data: Data has become the holy grail of marketing. Big data will be meaningful in 2017 for marketers, specifically through predictive analytics and advanced customer insights.
  • Content Marketing: Companies are getting weird with their content (in a good way). Finding creative ways to say what’s already been said, while using your content to strategically network and grow brand awareness is the name of the game.
  • Internet of Things Marketing Technologies: As smart technologies make their way into every aspect of our home lives, IoT marketing is going to be on the rise.
  • Mobile Marketing: Finding smart ways to optimize your messaging through mobile advertisements will be big in 2017.
  • Social Marketing: Social marketing is the bread and butter of brand building these days. Once you’re committed and connected to a community, watch your message spread like wildfire this year.

  • Mobile Optimization: The ability to optimize mobile content for improved user experience and user interaction (UI/UX) will separate the winners from the users this year.
  • Onpage SEO: Deeper insight into on page engagement (beyond CTR will be key in 2017.
  • Link Building: Cross platform link building and onsite link optimization will help you construct an engaging and strategic content architecture this year.
Stay tuned to SAM. AI for updates on digital marketing trends, insights, and news in 2017. It’s going to be an exciting year!