Raz,      Mar 28 2019 1:07PM

Ways Data Visualization Helps You Make Better Decisions

3 Ways Data Visualization Helps You Make Better Decisions

Is your marketing data playing hide-and-seek? Endless Excel spreadsheets and confusing Power Point charts weaken verbal and spatial reasoning, turning key data points into a jumble of statistics. From email click-thru rates to landing page performance, today’s diverse digital marketing tactics are key to reaching a fragmented audience. But these tactics also mean even more data, exacerbating data pile-up and number confusion. The result: too many statistics and no clear way to quickly synthesize this data for meaningful action.

Business intelligence analytics are great – until your marketing team has to make strategic decisions based on their information and can’t tell up from down. If you are still deciphering charts and activity logs, there’s a better way. Data visualization communicates complex ideas with clarity, precision and efficiency.

Data visualization empowers your business to make better, strategic decisions:


Don’t get bogged down by big data. Data visualization paints a clear picture of key marketing activities for an immediate visual overview of all your company’s digital campaigns across all platforms. From email click-thru-rate tracking to social media mentions, effective data visualization is the foundation for extracting maximum business value from your marketing data.


Rapid response is critical to capitalizing on emerging marketplace trends. Data visualization empowers your business to see key trends from afar and position your company to capitalize on new opportunities rather than being blindsided by changes.


Data visualization is a powerful tool for tracking social media followers, best performing call-to-actions, most popular blog posts and more. Data visualization gives you an instant snapshot of what is working – and what is not effective – for your organization’s advertising. Are you on track to meet your quarterly sales goals? How is the new donor outreach program working? Which of your last five emails performed the best? Data visualization helps you instantly answer these questions, making day-to-day marketing management easy.


Only 15% of marketers tie lead generation efforts directly to the number of customers generated. That’s because most marketers are unable to link campaign performance stats with ROI. Data visualization makes it easy to track campaign ROI and identify opportunities for improved performance.