Our Features


Conversational CRM

Take your CRM database to the next level with SAM’s Conversational CRM. Spend less time running clunky reports and more time getting data to your fingertips. SAM’s in-house AI will data mine and answer questions in real time as it relates to your CRM Data, Sales Funnel, and continuing Relationship Management.

The SAM CRM stack includes:

  • Access to Ask SAM AI
  • Customized data structure for your Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, and Partners
  • Access to SAM mobile app with business card scanner for quick data entry
  • Voice to Text microphone capabilities to easily transcribe your customer notes
  • Customized sales intelligence dashboard
  • Integration with your Gmail/Office 365 account
  • Customized roles and permissions for various platform users

Email Marketing

Two out of three marketers say email is their most important marketing tool. SAM.AI makes it easy to manage all of your targeted email campaigns through one centralized service. Our intuitive filters and automated stacks ensure no lead is left behind. Our Marketing Platform makes it easy to target leads according to their status and automate follow-up, cultivating them for your needs.

SAM Email Marketing stacks include:

  • Drag-and-drop list creation
  • Reduced import requirements
  • Custom templates and personalized campaigns
  • Automated, personalized follow-up emails based on status
  • Open, unsubscribe and click tracking
  • Full email personalization with all available data

Social Marketing

Don’t let a potential lead fall through the cracks. Engage customers, build your brand, strengthen relationships, improve customer service, and monitor all your social media marketing efforts from one centralized command center. The SAM Marketing Platform makes it easy to track key social engagement analytics, so you know where your organization stands at all times on social media.

SAM Social marketing stacks include:

  • Consolidated multi-channel social media posting
  • Brand, reputation, and keyword monitoring
  • Fans and followers tracker
  • Social analytics
  • Social in-box

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage clients and customers. Our Marketing Platform makes it easy to build your organization’s credibility as an industry thought leader through the distribution of valuable content that engages leads, enhances SEO, boosts web traffic, and strengthens your organization’s brand. From blogs and microsites to landing page management and full Google Analytics integration, the SAM Marketing Platform simplifies content creation, curation, and management.

SAM Content marketing stacks include:

  • Blog publisher
  • Landing page and microsite management
  • Survey, polls, and web forms
  • Embedded videos
  • SEO site analyzer
  • SEO score and action items
  • Keyword research and recommendation
  • Content keyword score
  • Website management and full Google Analytics integration

Direct Marketing

Campaign success increases with the addition of direct marketing. Whether you’re sending postcards during the holiday season or a promo kit to your marquee clients, the SAM.AI Marketing Platform helps you build the strong personal relationships that are key to successfully nurturing leads. Our Marketing Platform allows you to quickly generate personalized labels and letters that are 100% unique to your business and supplement your digital campaigns.

SAM Direct marketing stacks include :

  • Campaign creation at the click of a button.
  • Drag-and-drop list and label creator.
  • Ready to print personalized letter generator.
  • Automated direct mail creation.


Demand-based lead generation starts with in-depth competitive analysis, best performing keywords, call to action testing and demographic research. This information shapes our targeting approach ensuring that leads are not only highly qualified but, also highly motivated to convert.

SAM SEO stacks include:

  • In-depth online competitive analysis for best-performing CTA's and keywords.
  • Sophisticated geo-targeting, demographic targeting, search and social behavior targeting improves online visibility.
  • Social media scan for best practices and key targets.
  • Landing page optimization via A/B testing.


SAM visualizes key social engagement analytics, so you know where your organization stands at all times in relation to competition. Monitor what people are saying, track your fans and followers, and automate social marketing with scheduled posts.

SAM Visibility stacks include:

  • Consolidate social media posting.
  • Brand, reputation, and keyword monitoring.
  • Fans and followers tracker.
  • Social analytics
  • Social in-box
  • SEO site analyzer.
  • Keyword research and recommendations.

Marketing Intelligence

Integrated, intelligent multi-channel lead nurturing increases conversion rates, reduces the duration of sales cycle, and improves ROI. From our 360-calendar to social connection monitoring, our SAM Marketing Platform is intelligent, intuitive software.

SAM Marketing intelligence stacks include:

  • Data visualization for key marketing and sales stats
  • Easy-to-use rule creation to manage and funnel demand-based leads
  • Map-based data visualization for enhanced geo-marketing intelligence
  • Call and meeting log
  • Social connection monitoring from one centralized social media dashboard
  • Lead touch point frequency and response monitoring
  • 360-calendar for instant overview of all email, social, content and direct marketing

Marketing Intelligence

Two out of every three businesses currently spend more than one-quarter of their marketing budget on digital marketing, including email, social media, and content marketing, according to Accenture’s CMO Insights Study. Is your digital marketing delivering the biggest bang for its buck? Our Marketing Platform's user-friendly automation drives lead conversion, client engagement, and maximizes ROI.

SAM Marketing automation stacks include:

  • Status-based follow-up and multi-touchpoint point drip campaign setup.
  • Multi-channel (email, social media, content & direct mail) automation.
  • Lead ratings and easy-to-use lead touch point measurements.
  • Centralized sales and marketing calendar.
  • Auto lead data entry.
  • xternal contact database and list import.
  • Drag-and-drop list and label creation


Utilize SAM’s proprietary AI assistant to be your in house data scientist. Spend less time mining for data and more time getting the results at your fingertips at a second’s notice. SAM’s AI assistant is capable of answering sales and marketing data relation inquiries as well as platform support related issues.

The Ask SAM stack includes:

  • Proprietary AI assistant for data and support inquiries
  • Question & answer results appropriate for role/user permission
  • Email SAM a question and receive an answer in your inbox
  • Utilize Ask SAM from the mobile IOS/Android app while on the go

SAM Teams

Utilize the SAM Teams module to help take your Project Management to the next level. With Teams get a detailed view on your current projects, both internal and external, which resources are attached to which project, and which projects are tied back to your current clients and customers. Also included is a dedicated client portal for your client’s to log in and view the status of their project.

The SAM Teams stack includes:

  • Lightweight easy to use Project Management Tool
  • Resource reporting
  • Linking projects to client engagements
  • Access to client portal log-in