COVID-19 Relief

We know how hard it must be for organizations to operate during the current pandemic. We are based out of New York City and have seen the impact first hand. We are fortunate to have a globally distributed team and we’ve been working round the clock to make sure our clients have everything they need on our cloud-based platform.

While we can’t conduct meetings in person or go to networking events during these shelter-in-place conditions, we know that relationships with your clients, prospects, and community has never been more important. SAM's entire platform is devoted to better relationship management using some of the most advanced AI technologies available. Our recent rollout of SAM Intro is more relevant now than ever before as it facilitates warm introductions and referrals over a secure private network.  

We started SAM to help grow organizations that contribute tremendously to our economy. These are organizations like yours who combined employ millions and give livelihoods to countless families. Therefore, in our small way, we’d like to offer the programs listed below during this crisis.


Raz Choudhury
Founder & CEO

Our Offer To You

  • SAM Pro 30% OFF with code y5GHCJ SAM Pro introduces you to new accounts, deals, & candidates by unleashing the hidden power of inbox contacts and their relationship strength amongst your invited network.

      Sam intro video
  • SAM Grow 30% OFF (our non-profit rate) with code: y5GHCJ SAM Grow is a Network Powered CRM and Outreach platform with seamless automation that helps organizations increase productivity.

Watch our recent CEO E-Summit COVID-19 Featuring:

  • Dr. Jahangir Rahman, Internal Medicine at NY Physicians & Asst. Clinical Prof. at Columbia
  • Mary Jane Detroyer, Dietician/Nutritionist & Exercise Physiologist
  • Bill Carmody, Executive Coach, TEDx Speaker & Author
  • Ashwini Anburajan, Head of WeWork Labs Tri State, TED Resident & Investor
  • Evelyn Choudhury, COO of SAM.AI & Public Health Specialist