Are you searching for a new, better way to manage your organization’s lead generation and track ROI? From Fortune 500 companies to small non-profits, organizations are increasingly turning to demand based lead generation and marketing automation for increased agility, efficiency, scalability and better ROI:

  • B2B marketers will spend $325m on marketing automation solutions this year, a 50% increase in marketing automation spending over last year. (Source: BtoB Magazine)

  • Sixty-eight percent of B2B respondents are either already using a marketing automation tool or considering the purchase of one. (Source: Televerde)

  • 30% of B2Bs report using marketing automation platforms as their primary database, rather than a CRM system – up from 12% one year ago. (Source: Televerde)

  • Companies with a tight lead generation pipeline closed four times more sales and were four times more likely to accurately predict pipeline/sales forecasts. (Sirius Decisions)

Embrace modern marketing at the speed of thought. The SAM's Innovative Sales & Marketing Platform:

  • Analyze everything from your competitor's best performing call-to-action to where your clients are located via social search, delivering insightful research that powers efficient, cost-effective lead generation.

  • Capture leads with innovative video ads and CTAs and then tracks everything from inbound calls to web submissions.

  • Automate the follow-up process so no lead conversion is left to chance; even without a sales dream team, each and every lead will be followed-through.

  • Provide powerful data visualization for an instant snapshot of demand based lead generation analytics and ROI: always know where your organization stands.