Lead generation is the top objective – and challenge – for digital marketers. In today’s fragmented digital marketplace, marketers must work even harder to cut through the chaos and connect with potential leads. While digital marketing expenditures are expected to top $55 billion in 2014, marketers are struggling to justify these expenditures with meaningful analytics. (Source: Forrester Research) Worse, marketers are not even sure if their efforts are effective or generating enough leads:

  • 34% of marketers say they do not have the right tools to collect and analyze marketing program data. (Source: BtoB Magazine)

  • 60% of marketers say their greatest challenge is generating more leads. (Source: BtoB Magazine)

  • 55% of marketers say they need better tools to reach their target audience. (Source: BtoB Magazine)

  • Only 36% of marketers say their lead generation programs effectively reach stakeholders. (Source: BtoB Magazine)

The SAM's Fully Integrated Marketing Platform:

  • Identifies, tracks and cultivates qualified leads.

  • Efficiently allocates marketing resources thanks to smart lead intelligence.

  • Uses social lead intelligence to reach new prospects.

  • Provides an instant overview of marketing analytics and ROI via the all-in-one dashboard.