Raz Choudhury 


Raz Choudhury is the founder and CEO of SAM. Raz oversees all aspects of the company’s strategic goals and works closely with the product development team to achieve SAM’s long-term vision.

Raz started his career at age 19 as an Engineer at IBM. Raz spent six years leading IBM’s major Northeast accounts such as Goldman Sachs, Mitsubishi International Trading, and AXA Equitable. Raz’s numerous professional certifications, as well as broad expertise in internet technologies, drove him to strike out on his own. In 1999, Raz founded and ran USAWeb® - now Office Interactive® - an award-winning app development and lead generation technology company based out of New York City.

Raz Choudhury’s 17-year career as a Tech CEO leads him to found SAM to solve the data silo problem that plagues the industry and offer right innovative AI driven technology to a vastly underserve growing and mid-sized market. SAM was founded with some of the best engineering talents from Raz’s former organization as well as trailblazing executives in the industry that Raz had an affiliation with. Raz attended Columbia University.