According to Nutshell, CRM applications can help increase sales by up to 29 percent, sales productivity by up to 34 percent, and sales forecast accuracy by 42 percent. Let SAM continue to strengthen those numbers for the growing SaaS company

Marketing Automation

SAM is designed to help your business increase Marketing Automation efficiency, reduce the length of sales cycles, and increase inbound sales and audience engagement with lead nurturing.

Content Integration

Content plays a crucial role in engagement. Whether you have your in-house content team or an agency, we work with your team to ensure that all of your digital marketing assets are seamlessly integrated with SAM.

Code Level Customization

Everything from web forms and analytics to data integration and customized fields are all taken into consideration by our team, ensuring that SAM works for your business from day one.

Benefits of an Integrated system

Minimize (Data) Blind Spots

Take advantage of SAMs integrated platform to help minimize data blind spots in the day to day life of your business. Less blind spots make for a clearer picture to help facilitate and drive growth in the direction you want to see.

Made with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

SAM is the first sales and marketing platform built with an AI engine as its main driving force. With SAM watch your sales and marketing efforts continuously improve as your data is collected, analyzed, and prioritized automatically to help your business make smarter decisions.

Data Insights at your fingertips

Let SAM curate data from multiple sources to give you a greater look at the message behind the data. Hidden patterns, success trends, and more as SAM works in the background.

Messaging when and where you want

SAM continuously works to help you get your message across as the right point in time. When combined with SAM’s AI your data is a powder keg ready to be utilized.