Next-gen Growth

SAM.AI helps build a target client community to engage and influence decision makers.  Sam’s proprietary AI, Automation, and 7 software-suite delivers revenue driven results unmatched by any system in the market. 

  • Generate Referrals & Warm Intros (16 X better than cold outreach)  
  • Build trust with target clients & generate high quality deal pipeline
  • Improve closing by 67%  with frictionless sales & marketing

In good company

In good company


Better Return on Time

SAM offers all the familiarity of a cloud-based application with the option to use voice activated conversational AI (talk/type) to get more things done with a lot less data entry, clicks, and software training. 

Less Learning More Doing

Talk or chat with SAM and get things done without learning a new system.

402% Faster

SAM runs 402% faster with voice activated conversational AI than any other platform in the market. 

Award Winning Innovation

Put our 2 and a half years of R&D and award-winning NLP/NLU based innovation to work today. 

Rahul Bhansali
Co-founder & General Partner
Formation Venture Engineering
Gary Kreissman
Group PRM
Ogla Orda
Founder & Managing partner
Silicon Matter