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SAM acts as your “data scientist” by leveraging conversational AI to humanize the software experience and increase growth velocity. 

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 Companies become 67% better at closing when they align sales and marketing. SAM is the first fully integrated conversational CRM and marketing outreach platform built from the ground up with AI.


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CRMs were never built to increase Sales. SAM was built from the ground up to attract and convert today’s “digital by default” customers. Companies on average have to use 16 different sales and marketing stacks (MarTech 2017) in addition to their CRM. We think that there is something fundamentally wrong with that picture. SAM offers the most comprehensive set of Relationship Management and Marketing tools availa without forcing you to buy additional add-on or bolt-on stacks. 

Big Data Insight to Help You Win Accounts

SAM curates data from multiple sources so that you now have cognitive technologies to decipher hidden patterns, success trends, and correlative insights to help you win new accounts and help you engagement existing relationships.

Marketing @ the speed of thought!

SAM empowers you to deliver value and solve your customer’s problems instead of sending them a generic message. Data powered by AI will deliver psychological insight on how your prospects think and act, which gives you a competitive advantage.

Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time

SAM empowers your team to quickly and easily deploy lead nurturing campaigns and leverage automation to continuously improve your interactions with your lead and client base.

SAM Saves Time

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An integrated sales and marketing platform such as SAM saves an estimated 7 hours per week per outbound sales rep.

An integrated sales and marketing platform such as SAM saves an estimated 5 hours per week per marketing user.

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