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Companies become 67% better at closing when they align sales and marketing. SAM is first fully integrated social CRM and marketing outreach platform powered by AI.

Marketing Suite

SAM includes all essential marketing suites, fully integrated, and provides the power of automation to increase engagement.

Social CRM

CRMs were never built to increase Sales. SAM was built from the ground up to attract and convert today’s “digital by default” customers.

Expert System

SAM’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine collects terabytes of data and harnesses it to help your team avoid mistakes, uncover hidden patterns, and win.

A fully integrated sales and marketing system means less friction, more insight, proactive
engagement, and better conversions.


Run your sales and marketing 3x faster on a seamless platform

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Get powerful insights from day 1 on a system as simple as a spreadsheet

SAM > You

The future is here, embrace a smart system that reports to you

By Industry

SAM offers customized solutions for the following industries

By Segment

Versions of SAM built for specific marketing segments

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Companies on average have to use 16 different sales and marketing stacks (MarTech 2017). We think that there is something fundamentally wrong with that picture. SAM offers the most comprehensive set of features without forcing you to buy additional add-on or bolt-on stacks. SAM makes it all working together to help you lead!

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