Alex Sierra

Sigma Ridge
SAM.AI has the best value of all its competitors. In my last role as a VP of Sales and marketing I had to evaluate Oracle Eloqua, Pardot from SalesForce and -After almost three months of interviews with all platforms, Demos and pricing conversations was hands down the best value for any organization. SAM’s platform offered the same or better tools than all its competitors, but pricing was constructed in a way that was scalable and affordable.

Mike Davis

Scotland Wright Associates
My experience using the SAM Roundtable was beyond my expectations. The level of decision makers who attended were top notch.
The roundtable environment allowed me to position myself as a trusted advisor rather than just another commercial real estate broker.
I was pleased that the participants of the roundtable found the discussion insightful and helpful to their businesses.
I was able to uncover several client pain points along with a deal opportunity that could net well over six figures for the firm.

Bert Rosenblatt

Co-founder& Owner
Vicus Partners has been an integral part of building and growing our marketing strategy, which has had immediate and impactful ROI to our revenue and bottom line. With a straightforward and easy to use interface, we’ve been able to reach more decision makers and grow our business despite a pandemic that decimated much of the commercial realestate industry. 

The team at have been an incredible asset when it comes to networking and are invested in helping us grow as a firm even though we are only one of many clients.

Michael Mazzotta


The team has a combination of innovative technology and a solid understanding of CRE tenant rep space. Their tailored customer service along with onboarding assistance has helped many in the tenant rep space expand and grow in their respective markets. I’d highly recommend to any tenant rep firms looking to grow their business.

Jack Myers


Media Village
We see machine learning as a core differentiator. We now understand how people truly engage with our content and are able to create a more personalized experience. Machine learning is part of media today. SAM.AI will help us drive greater operational efficiency, revenue and scale.

Eric J. Sebast


Don Brown Bus

We’ve used 6 different CRM systems over the course of last decade. The thing that stood up to us about SAM was that we could pick up the phone and talk to the guys who are writing the codes and customize the system toward our needs while a lot of major companies sell you their package without any customizations.

Catherine Wang

A-Z Fire Alarm Security, Inc
Very positive experience. Support team are wonderful and provide unparalleled customer service. Access to the founders who are incredibly responsible is easy and SAM.AI has the ability to be customized to what I’ve asked for.

Naomi Glaser

Senior VP & Founding Partner
Valera Global
SAM offers a suite of various applications. You can organize your contacts, maintain relevant information and therefore stay on top of your pipeline. You have access to key metrics in real time which enables you to see the results and the ROI. In addition, Raz and his team have the patience to teach, recommend, suggest so that you can feel comfortable in reaching out for support.

John McMenamin

Media Village
As part of our growth strategy, we have been building a propriety tech stack that improves our product and provides a deeper understanding of our audience.The platform helps us better connect our readers with the content they want, when they want it and how they want it. It also helps us better understand the performance of our editorial.

Michael Visk

VP of Sales
P1 Industries
The SAM leadership team is comprised of entrepreneurs and thus were very keen on providing customized solutions to support a 21st century manufacturing business. I highly recommend SAM to any business that is entrepreneurially focused.

Shani Yarmak

Sales Director
OFS Solutions
Through SAM we are able to track our Marketing & Sales efforts easily which will bolster our future sales. The SAM team is an exceptional group. Their ability to treat us as if we are the only ones that exist goes way beyond any other support team we have worked with. I believe SAM is a leader in creating the software platform using AI to merge Sales & Marketing Activities.

Raj Nadar

Sales Development Solutions
Have been a user of affinity and had this constant grudge that it’s difficult to use. Sam changes the game altogether. Love the team, the vision and fast customer support. Fantastic find!

Hernan Rodriguez

Experior Financial Group Inc
First of all, I am genuinely impressed with the level of service of SAM, I got this app last week and every time I had a question, it was answered in real-time, I am in Vancouver Canada, other tech companies take forever to answer. Just today I had some questions on functionality and the team of SAM sends me an invite for a live google meet, they gave me 30 minutes of personal training. Now on their functionality I really love how intuitive SAM is, I always look for technology that is functional and user friendly as I consider my time valuable. One of my favorite things is the ability to see cards at a glance as I am very visual. Their A.I. is also very good, I have certificates in A.I. and Blockchain from both M.I.T. and Oxford for business applications, and the SAM team is for sure delivering products that will deliver the results you need. I cant wait to see what else this team keeps developing and releasing to help digital entrepeneurs.

Frank Pacheco

Pacheco Information Technologies

After spending the morning setting this up I am just blown away by the potential. This really is the best CRM for growth hacking I have seen yet.

As a CRM it is sharp and has impressively full and polished features, but the real potential is in its introduction features. Think of it as a LinkedIn–but for meaningful connections. It even goes as far as to quantify just how meaningful those connections are.

Perfect for sales teams, but it is going to work for growth hackers too. The power to get introductions through your connections is the best and most meaningful I have seen. Really excited about this.

Shade Odeinde

Peacock Shades/ Peacock Virtual Events

Wow… when I first saw, I was a bit puzzled as to what it does exactly. It looked interesting (anything with AI generally is!), but what really drew me was the concept of creating my own personal connected network! It definitely feels more private and close-knit that the general LinkedIn platform.

Truth is, if you build it right, you could have your very own network that can enrich whatever endeavor you can imagine. I love what Sam can do.
I look forward to learning more but so far, I am EXCITED about this platform and it’s potential to massively impact my professional relationships!

Rony Wilfred

Independent Financial Consultant

I am in the business of generating leads and sales for my clients and I could not find a better solution than this. I’ve only been using it for about a day and so far I have already invited a lot of people to use and more importantly I’ve imported thousands of contacts and Sam instantly gave me Intelligence on them. What I can say is that I am impressed and would love to see how this pans out but so far this has been an incredible experience their support team has been good to deal with and I’m joining their upcoming webinar to learn more.

Tim DelMastro

Marketing Manager

Kolinsky Wealth Management

The platform has allowed our firm’s communications to reach new audiences throughout our target demographic. The automation capabilities of the software have been a game-changer for us. Tasks that used to require manual input and oversight are now handled effortlessly by the system. And the software’s communication tracking and follow-up reminders have been instrumental in nurturing our relationships with prospects.