Next-Gen Growth helps build a targeted client community to engage and influence decision makers.  

Rated #1 B2B C-Suite Marketing Platform - Sam’s proprietary AI, Automation, and 7 software-suite delivers revenue driven results unmatched by any system in the market. 

  Generate Referrals & Warm Intros 

  Establigh trust with key decision makers and the C-Suite

☑  Improve closing by 67%  with frictionless sales & marketing

In good company

In good company


@ the speed of thought offers nuanced reporting that captures specificity and insights at many levels deeper than any existing engine.  To our users, Sam is like an inhouse data scientist that they can literally talk to by text or voice using their natural language. offers conversational intelligence 402% faster than traditional software interfaces that require clicks, taps, and keystrokes.

Less Learning More Doing

Talk or chat with and get things done without learning a new system.

402% Faster

SAM runs 402% faster with voice activated conversational AI than any other platform in the market. 

Award Winning Innovation

Put our 2 and a half years of R&D and award-winning NLP/NLU based innovation to work today. 

Rahul Bhansali
Co-founder & General Partner
Formation Venture Engineering
Gary Kreissman
Group PRM
Ogla Orda
Founder & Managing partner
Silicon Matter