#1 Rated C-Suite

Marketing Platform

Sam.ai helps build a targeted client community to engage and influence key decision makers for your services.

Rated #1 B2B C-Suite Marketing Platform – Sam’s proprietary AI engine combined with its six software-suite delivers revenue driven results unmatched by any system in the market.

Connect, Influence, And Convert Key Decision Makers

Sam.ai's intuitive suite of solutions offers streamlined connections, persuasive influence, and seamless conversion of key decision makers into valuable clients.

Thought Leadership Solution

Network Intro

Generate Warm Intros & Referrals

Ideal Client Contacts

Contacts of your Ideal Client Persona

Workflow Automation

Sales & Marketing Automation

Better Return On Time

Conversational Intelligence with nuanced insights

Sam.ai is your inhouse data scientist who helps you make better decisions through conversational intelligence. Sam’s nuance reporting captures specificity and insights at many levels deeper and faster than any existing engine.

402% faster

Speed up your workflow by 402% with voice activated conversational AI.

Less learning more Doing

Use your natural language to get reports and business intelligence requiring zero software training.

Unified Holistic Data

Generate reports from multiple data sources through Sam’s Unified Holistic Data model.

Neuance Reporting

Get insights that are contextual and curated many levels deeper than any existing engine.

Get Blazing Fast reports

On average Sam.ai’s conversational intelligence is able to deliver a productivity improvement of 402%. The speed comparison of using conversational intelligence via voice/chat vs. clicks/taps and keystroke

0 % Faster

Why people like SAM?

If you’ve never experienced an AI-powered technology stack, I highly recommend that you request a SAM.AI demo and see if for yourself

Larry Myler

Not only can you harness an untapped wealth of contact information, but AI goes beyond the data and delivers actual insights

Molly Reynolds

Those who take advantage of AI-based platforms such as SAM, will spend a lot less time learning how to use software

Chirag Kulkarni