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Leverage seven years of AI innovation with Sam to propel your company’s growth potential to new heights.

Upgrade Deal Generation with AI

Sam.ai harnesses three AI disciplines and groundbreaking generative intelligence to empower B2B companies in optimizing their sales and marketing efforts. From curating your perfect client contact list to fostering trust and orchestrating appointment setting, Sam.ai has you all covered!
Reach 90% of your Ideal Clients
Discover Sam.ai’s Ideal Client Contacts, offering access to a vast database of over 260+ Million verified business contacts.
Establish Trust with Thought Leadership
Build trust, foster relationships, and establish credibility for enhanced business growth with Sam’s Roundtable & Intent Marketing Suite.
Automate Appointment Setting
Book appointments at scale reaching thousands of marketing-qualified key decision makers of your products and services.
2X Sales & Marketing - win more Clients
Sam.ai harnesses 3 AI disciplines & groundbreaking generative intelligence  to help you double your sales & marketing efforts.

Inspired by our survey of 500 CEOs fast growing companies

In today’s fortunate era, successful founders and CEOs generously share the strategies behind their achievements, echoing Kevin Spacey’s notion of “sending the elevator back down.” While seeking wisdom from established companies, it’s essential not only to absorb their insights but also to implement them actively. Action outweighs ideas, as emphasized by the collaboration with Raz Choudhury, CEO of SAM.AI, in gathering over 500 responses from accomplished CEOs.

What experts say about Sam.ai

If you’ve never experienced an AI-powered technology stack, I highly recommend that you request a Sam.ai demo and see if for yourself

Larry Myler

Not only can you harness an untapped wealth of contact information, but AI goes beyond the data and delivers actual insights

Molly Reynolds

Those who take advantage of AI-based platforms such as Sam.ai, will spend a lot less time learning how to use software

Chirag Kulkarni

Better Return On Time
Leverage Sam's 7-Years of AI Innovations!
Sam.ai is your inhouse data scientist who helps you make better decisions through conversational intelligence. Sam’s nuance reporting captures specificity and insights at many levels deeper and faster than any existing engine.
402% faster workflow
Speed up your workflow by 402% with voice activated conversational AI.
Less learning more Doing
Use your natural language to get reports and business intelligence requiring zero software training.
Unified Holistic Data
Generate reports from multiple data sources through Sam’s Unified Holistic Data model.
Neuanced Intelligence
Get insights that are contextual and curated many levels deeper than any existing engine.
Remove Sales & Marketing Bottlenecks
On average, clients see substantial improvements in their overall sales and marketing KPIs within the first 3-months of deployment.  Sam’s 7-years of AI innovation along with award winning sales and marketing suite helps you maximize your client acquisition potential.
Speeds by marketing outreach by:
Boosts Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) by:
Improves appointment setting by :
Strategic Harmony

Fuse sales and marketing efforts for a united approach, magnifying revenue prospects.

Precision Targeting

Pinpoint influential decision makers through tailored strategies, enhancing engagement opportunities.

Customer-Centric Experience

Elevate customer journey consistency, building credibility and nurturing long-lasting B2B relationships.

Synergizing Strategies: Elevate B2B Revenue with Unified Sales and Marketing

Unleash B2B revenue growth with seamless collaboration between sales and marketing. Our suite of tools optimizes outreach to key decision makers, fostering trust and boosting revenue potential in competitive markets.
Conversion-boosting analytics
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Dynamic content personalization
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Real-time collaboration hub
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Data-powered insights

Why customers ❤ Sam.ai

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Successful sales-driven organizations are always looking for an edge to stay one step ahead of competitors, and SAM is a conduit for communicating business intelligence

Ari Rabban | CEO
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Sam.ai stands out with unparalleled value! As a former VP of Sales and Marketing, I scrutinized Oracle Eloqua, SalesForce's Pardot, and Sam.ai. After extensive evaluation, Sam.ai proved to be the most cost-effective and scalable choice, offering top-notch tools

Alex Sierra | CEO
Sigma Ridge
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Loved the ease of initial import (match fields, hit save), gathering AI on each Lead (interests, social profiles). Adding new Leads is super easy - one by one or quick add via spreadsheet. Multiple options to add Leads are really nice!

Jennifer Allen | Executive Coordinator
Testimonial Image

Wow! Setting this up in the morning left me amazed at its potential. The best CRM for growth hacking with sharp, polished features, and LinkedIn-like introduction capabilities. Perfect for sales and growth hackers - truly excited!

Frank Pacheco | Founder
Pacheco Information Technologies
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Very impressed with SAM's service! Real-time support, intuitive functionality, and valuable personal training. A.I. is top-notch too. Excited for future developments to support digital entrepreneurs

Hernan Rodriguez | Founder
Experior Financial Group Inc
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Sam.ai's innovative tech and CRE tenant rep expertise, coupled with excellent customer service and onboarding, have empowered countless tenant rep firms to expand and thrive. Highly recommended!

Michael Mazzotta | Founder
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My experience with SAM Roundtable exceeded expectations. Networking with top decision-makers elevated my role as a trusted advisor, not just a broker. Valuable insights benefited participants' businesses, revealing lucrative opportunities.

Mike Davis | Partner
Scotland Wright Associates
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SAM.ai is integral to our marketing strategy, yielding immediate ROI. Their user-friendly interface connects us to decision-makers, helping us thrive amid pandemic challenges. An invaluable networking asset committed to our growth.

Bert Rosenblatt | Co-founder & Owner
Vicus Partners
Testimonial Image

Sam.ai is an impressive solution! Within a day, I invited numerous people, imported thousands of contacts, and gained instant intelligence. Their support team is great too. Excited for the upcoming webinar!

Rony Wilfred | Consultant
Independent Financial Consultant
Testimonial Image

Wow... Sam.ai intrigued me with its AI capabilities. Creating a personal connected network felt exciting, private, and close-knit. Sam enriches professional relationships significantly, and I'm eager to explore its potential!

Shade Odeinde | Founder
Peacock Shades/ Peacock Virtual Events
Testimonial Image

With SAM, our Marketing & Sales tracking has become effortless. The exceptional SAM team treats us like the only priority, making them stand out from the rest. SAM is a true AI leader in merging Sales & Marketing.

Shani Yarmak | Sales Director
OFS Solutions
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Machine learning is a core differentiator, helping us understand content engagement and create personalized experiences. SAM.AI empowers operational efficiency, revenue, and scale in today's media landscape.

Jack Myers | Founder
Media Village
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We've used 6 different CRM systems, but SAM stood out. We could talk to the guys writing the codes and customize the system toward our needs, unlike major companies with no customizations.

Eric J. Sebast | President
Don Brown Bus
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Very positive experience. Support team are wonderful and provide unparalleled customer service. Access to the founders who are incredibly responsible is easy and SAM.AI has the ability to be customized to what I've asked for.

Catherine Wang | COO
A-Z Fire Alarm Security, Inc
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The SAM leadership team is comprised of entrepreneurs and thus were very keen on providing customized solutions to support a 21st century manufacturing business. I highly recommend SAM to any business that is entrepreneurially focused.

Michael Visk | VP of Sales
P1 Industries
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SAM provides a suite of powerful applications to organize contacts, stay on top of your pipeline, and access real-time metrics for better results and ROI. Raz and his team are patient and supportive, making it easy to seek help confidently.

Naomi Glaser | Senior VP & Founding Partner
Valera Global

All Covered!

At Sam.ai, we believe in providing comprehensive support to our clients without any hidden costs. You will never be charged for Setup, Training, Support, or On-going Software Updates. Our commitment to transparency ensures that you receive the highest level of professionalism and sincerity throughout your journey with us